What's a modern day scam that's become normalized and we don't realize it's a scam anymore?

They should just go ahead and raise their prices to $200/day and include parking, a specialty drink like their Starbucks or cocktail, and one "entree" or "lunch item" of some kind. Not the whole meal, but some reasonable treat like a churro or turkey leg or something. They already have gone on record and said the last 2 price hikes were to manage crowd size, anyway. This will reduce crowds and eliminate a good chunk of the nickel-dime complaints for parking and food. Free sodas and bottled waters, too. Maybe 2-3 per day per person. And lock that price for 3-4 years in writing in the advertising. I'm sure people on both side will hate this idea, but the crowd sizes have become ridiculous, the "fast-pass" system (genie+) is no longer free, anyway, and they'd probably still eke out another $20/per person per day by the time it's all added up.

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