What's the most badass thing one of your ancestors did?

My Great Uncle Sammy was a crazy, drunk Irish fellow, but with an absolute heart of gold. Everyone loved him, despite his flaws. He was a true family man. Back in his day, he owned a popular pub where we live that's right next to the Cathedral. He once got arrested for cause he fired his shotgun at the gargoyles on the cathedral while pissed up. He also once punched a man that was peering through his window, through the window. They're all funny stories but the one that makes him a true bad ass is the reason he moved from Northern Ireland to England.

Uncle Sammy was a proud Protestant man, and around the time of this story, that made him fairly unpopular with Catholics, especially as this was the time of The Troubles. A local, well known Catholic man in Uncle Sammys parish had just passed away, and as was what I presume tradition back then, they left the body in an open casket at the Church overnight before the funeral so people could go and pay their respects. For reasons unknown to me, Uncle Sammy, presumably in a pissed up state, decided to give this guy a visit in the middle of the night before the funeral. From what I've been told, Sammy and this man didn't get on too well. Uncle Sammy decided it'd be a good idea to remove this man from his casket, position him sat up on one of the Church benches and put a fag in his mouth. Just to review up to now, Uncle Sammy has propped a popular dead Catholic man up on a church bench with a fag in his mouth on the day before his funeral. The part in between the propping up and the next part I'm not sure about, this story has been told to me only a few times in bits and parts by my Dad and my Mamma. So basically shit hits the fan once people find out what Uncle Sammy did. He's quite literally 'on the run'. In the day of the funeral, while people where trying to find him, he hid at my Great Auntie Jeanies house. At the time she wasn't my Auntie Jeanie, she was just some lass my Uncle was knocking off at the time. But she put him up. The following night, my Auntie Jeanie and Uncle Sammy climb out their window, and travel to England, where they stay with my Mamma until they find a place a live. I don't think they ever went back to Ireland.

So that's my Uncle Sammy!

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