What's the most blatant act of racism you have witnessed in person?

Let me start this with my family is german and most of our first languages is german we came to the us when I was 3. we speak a mixture of german and english to each other mostly when we can't find the word in one language. so I Was in a belks about 2 years ago with my grandmother helping her with some shopping and her memory is kinda going so she has trouble finding words. We where in line waiting and she was trying to ask me a question about if I could get her wallet out of her purse for her and she couldn't remember the word for wallet so she asks me in german. That is when a woman behind us has a flip out and says "go back to our motherfucking country you fucking foreigners" and when someone from the store came over and asked what was going on she tried to say that we where calling her the nword in german and that we thought she couldn't understand us. First of all what she said sounded nothing like the nword and 2 to my knowledge there isn't really a direct translation of the nword for german.

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