What's the most creative way of driving someone crazy discreetly? [Serious]

I'll go first...

For my money, it's good old fashioned gaslighting. My example features three characters from real life

Hitler a dead evil piece of filth.

Stalin an at the time living evil piece of filth.

Zhukov, the (IMO) greatest general of WW2; the guy who beat the Japanese; the Germans at Stalingrad; and the guy who captured Berlin; the one man who did more to defeat Nazi Evil than anyone else in the world.

What Happened to Hitler's Corpse?

"BERLIN: THE DOWNFALL 1945" A. Beevor ISBN 0-670-88695-5 pp399/400

...when Hitler's real body was found on the very next day, orders immediately came from the Kremlin that nobody was to breathe a word to anybody...

On May 5 1945 the corpses of Hitler and Eva Braun were finally found...

...a [Red Army] soldier spotted the corner of a grey blanket in the eart at the bottom of a shell crater. Two charred corpses were exhumed. The bodies of a German shepherd dog and a puppy were found in the same pit...

Before dawn the next morning, Captain Deryabin and a driver wrapped the corpses of Hitler and Eva Braun in sheets and smuggled them out past Berzarin's cordon. The drove them to the SMERSH base at Buch, on the north-east edge of Berlin. There, in a small brick clinic, Dr Faust, Col. Kraevsky and other pathologists [...] began work on [...Hitler's corpse...].

...the forensic experts were [...] ordered to maintain absolute and everlasting secrecy about their work on Hitler's corpse.

Vadis, to be absolutely sure that they had the true corpse before he informed [...] Stalin, ordered further checks. His men found the assistant of Hitler's denits. She examined the jaws from Hitler's skull and confirmed that they were indeed the Fuhrer's. She recognized the bidge work. The jaws had been specially detached for the purpose and were kept in a red satin-lined box. On May 7 1945, Vadis felt confident enough of his facts to write his report.

But neither Berzrin nor [F.M.] Zhukov was informed that Hitler's body had been found.


In the middle of June 1945 in Berlin, Zhukov was asked about the death of Hitler at a press conference. He was forced to admit [...] 'we have not yet found an identified body'

On July 10 1945 Stalin [...] rang Zhukov to ask him where the body was. To play with Zhukov in this way clearly gave [...Stalin...] great pleasure.


In 1970, the Kremlin finally decided to dispose of [...Hitler's body...] in absolute secrecy.

[Hitler's remains, with the exception of his cranium and jaw] whcich had been concealed behind a Soviet army parde-rouond in Magdburg, was exhumed at night and burned. The ashes were flushed into the town sewage system. ...] Hitler's jaws [...] had been retained by SMERSH, while the NKVD kept the cranium. There remnants were recently rediscovered in the former soviet archives.

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