What's the most creepily intelligent thing your pet has ever done?

I have two dogs. One of them is as dumb as a post, the other one is remarkably intelligent.

The smart one has separation anxiety. He does not crate due to claustrophobia that comes along with the separation anxiety, so when we moved to a new house we spent some time figuring out the best way to confine him in the new space.

We settled on putting him in the office. It has French doors, and I put a secondary baby gate up to be extra sure it would contain him.

I then left home and watched the webcam in horror as he puzzled through the doorknob, which he eventually turned with his teeth, opened the door into the room, lifted the baby gate off the wall, and sauntered off to freedom.

Meanwhile, the dumb dog was once in a crate that had its long side against a wall. He turned to face the back and could not figure out that he needed to turn back around to get out the door.

Some days I find myself thinking it’s weird they’re even the same species.

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