Whats the most fucked up thing you've even seen someone do in a street fight?

There was a 1v1 that broke out at a skatepark in Fullerton, CA. One of the guys grabbed the other in a head lock and choked him out unconscious and continued to choke him even when he was out cold. He eventually let him go after people told him to. He then gave the guy some brutal kicks to the face while he was unconscious.

The guy started having a seizure a few seconds later. He was laying there for a solid 10 minutes. All of us thought we just witnessed a homicide. Eventually he started moving slightly. The guy that gave him a beating came back, grabbed him by his belt loop, and dragged him out of the skatepark. He started having another seizure.

I don't know who called, but the paramedics and police showed up. The cops started question everyone, but everyone kept quite. I overheard the victim talking to the police. He told the police he was epileptic and he had a seizure. I don't know if he was telling the truth, but I'm pretty sure the seizures were related to the beating.

The cops knew something more happened, but since nobody was willing to talk there wasn't much they could do. The paramedics took the guy to the hospital and that was that.

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