What's the most "hipster" opinion you have?

All of you hipsters are fake fucking hipsters. Thats my opinion. Wearing a flannel and drinking a pbr doesn't make you a hipster. It makes you a warm person that deosn't want to spend more on beer. Listening to obscure music doesn't make you a hipster. Being actually hipster comes from finding cool shit that might be unorthodox and rocking it. One of my best buds, symon, is one of the few true hipsters. We went to a super "ghetto" high school, and he was an asian skater kid on the cross country team. He would run in a pair of shorts with the band "the devil wears prada" on them bc he found them cheap af at a thrift store. This was like 6 years ago. Truly a hipster before being hipster was big.

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