What's the most important lesson life has taught you?

Oh yeah absolutely life can shit on people it has me. But I also make situations worse.

I have bipolar disorder, recently started TRT for low tesosterone, my PSA is very high so will need a prostate biopsy most likely soon. I'm Gay, grew up in a poor part of the uk. I've lived in 20 apartments in 8 cities and 4 countries. Brother died at Christmas.

I've has issues with doctors because I've had so many in those countries I see how they disagree and undo each others work so this puts me in conflict with them as I've had to be pushy to get adequate treatment it makes me distrustful of their opinions because they're all different.

I've been sacked from several jobs because I mentioned my bipolar disorder to my employer. When I don't mention it I don't have problems at work. Like my current employer said how I'm well liked and respected here my work is no different but people view me differently because they don't know I have bipolar disorder. But this has ruined my career in the UK as suing 1 employer seemed to have spread around and now can't get a job there

But this combination of hardships has hardened me and made me a little bitter which has carried over into my life. I've recently and arguments with my dentist the guy who fixes my bike and my landlord. Not because they didn't over charge me because they did but because my reaction to those situations is no longer diplomatic. I escalate it and blow it up into a massive argument thinking I'm defending myself but in reality I'm making the problem much worse. I am distrustful and avoid relationships and friendships.

So this is how I make my problems worse. My reaction. Plenty of people face difficulty in life and have hurdles to overcome but it is how we react and deal with it which gives is the ability to overcome it or make it much worse.

I've made my problems worse for sure.

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