What's the most overrated anime in your opinion

Honestly I didn't like a single thing about that fight. there were a lot of typical 90s shonen tropes and a lot of the inner monologues were extremely long winded. Dio seems too over the top for a "final boss" type of villain. Apart from the good animation, everything about it seems dated.

JoJo fights are about what sort of insane plan the author can make. Most of them are incredibly creative. And each fight has several rounds and layers of strategic back and forth.

I agree that creative strategies are what makes shonen fights compelling. The early naruto anime like the zabuza and chuunin exam arcs were really good because the kids were under powered and had to rely on strategies. but I'm not getting the same vibe from jojo which has powers that seem to border on deus ex machina.

From the exaggerated visuals and dialogue, jojo definitely makes for a very memeworthy series but I'm still trying to grasp its key appeal.

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