What's the most overrated movie you've ever seen?

Predestination. Rant incoming. Sorry.

Now this isn't exactly a hugely popular movie, but it got solid reviews, so I suppose it's well within the boundaries of overrated.

Anyways, when I got the thing, the description hinted towards a sci-fi time travel movie, based on a classic Heinlein short story. Which sounded fantastic...in theory. The movie was nothing like that at all.

In the intro, it's shown that there's a mad bomber killing innocent people, and now the main character must travel back in time to stop them. This seemed like what the movie would be about, but then...after going back in time the main character runs into a guy at a bar who then proceeds to spend the next 40 minutes giving his life story! Which is essentially an entirely separate movie about being a transsexual, and almost being an astronaut (the world for some reason has futuristic space flight, but the rest of the world is normal), and him/her having a shit life until meeting a romantic interest, who then proceeds to leave them.

So finally after getting through the story (which had far more stuff than I'd include), the main guy and the bar guy head back in time to find the Romantic Interest, and find out why they left. Finally back on track! Kinda. Well it turns out that the Bar guy was the romantic interest, and he banged herself, impregnating past him/her. AND HE KNOWINGLY CONTINUES TO DO THIS. He even tells the protagonist guy, "I love her!". Which is...strangely narcissistic.

A few convoluted events later, it turns out that his/her child with him/herself is actually Him/Her! And it was brought back in time by the main protagonist guy to where she/him grew up! But then it turns out that the main time traveller guy is also him/her, but after a facial reassignment surgery. Oh, and the bomber is also her/him. Who then is killed by a time traveling her/him.

I just...what.

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