What's the most unique gift you've ever given or received?

My neighbor has sent me quite the hodgepodge of unusual items throughout the years:

  • He once silkscreened me a T-shirt with a picture of Jesus eating at In-N-Out. I am an atheist and have never eaten there.
  • On my sixteenth birthday, his present to me was a matchbox car. The type you find at the supermarket checkout.
  • When he was at summer camp two years ago, he mailed me a printout of the Wikipedia page for "subway" and an 81 cents coupon for eating at Subway, with no explanation.
  • During the same summer camp, he sent me a spam letter from a woman named Miriam Ahmad-Allahabad asking me to deposit $41.2 million USD into my bank account so she could transfer it to her Swiss account. Also, no explanation.
  • At summer camp last year, he sent me a letter asking me to send him three staples so he could hang up a poster (he already had one).

Little stuff like that. I've also sent him some interesting stuff, including:

  • Three staples
  • $10 donated to the National Association of Evangelicals in his name (he's Jewish).
  • Random newspaper clippings without context
  • A fake letter from the College Board claiming that his test scores were invalidated due to a breach in the testing and fairness policy. It looked super official and stuff.

It's been a wild ride.

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