What's the most violent thing you've ever done?

Some backstory: brother's class was in charge of decorating school because of some shitty prom, being the good older brother of course I decide to help. I was setting up some flowers, plants, whatever above the front door: I was beating in some nails so I can set up a wire on them, because shit that's all I had. Mind you where I live, Romania, there are alot of violent gypsies and all that. Basically, a group of like 3 gypsies comes near me, and they stop behind me. Duckers try to push the ladder to make me trip, hell if I know why. I quickly start climbing off the ladder, but shit, I was too slow. I basically fell on some fat dude who had no shirt on..gross. Fat dude knocks me off himself, the remaining two pin me to the wall, fat dude just tries to take my watch off, whatever. Well, shit obviously got ugly when my younger brother comes outside to bring me some water. One of the dudes let go of me, grab my brother and slam him down to the ground. I mean sure, I would rather not risk my personal wellbeing for my watch and a lousy 30 bucks, but I can't stand when someone messes with my family, especially my innocent little brother. I shove the other dude off myself, grab the hammer and smash it into his ducking face. Other dude just turns around and looks at me and the hammer, I told them to piss the fuck off or I'll beat them to death and wank on their corpses. The guy who was mugging my brother ran off, fat guy was still standing in front of me. He took out a goddamn switchblade, I just threw my hammer at his face then ran towards him and tackled him like goddamn Tyron Smith, swung a couple of punches to his face and all that stuff. Meanwhile my brother ran inside to ask for help from some adults or some shit, cops came, gypsies got booked, scared my little brother, fuck me. At least I made it to the frontpage in the local paper, right?

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