What's the most wholesome experience you've had with a stranger?

I used to run track and cross country so I would go for runs in my neighborhood at night. It was a pretty safe neighborhood so I never had any problems until this guy in a car started following me and wouldn’t leave me alone. After I ignored him for a couple blocks, he pulled into a driveway in front of me to cut me off. He opened the door, demanding that I take a seat inside his car and suggested we go for a ride somewhere. He had scars on his face as if he got in a bunch of fights and he dressed like a gangbanger so I was afraid he had a weapon and/or would try to rape me. I ran around his car into a wooded canyon behind our housing tract. Obviously not the smartest thing to do because it was dark but I was familiar with the area so it felt more safe to me than being where the guy could drive his car. I heard some people talking so I followed the voices to find this group of older teens who were smoking and drinking beer. I asked them if it was okay if I stayed there for a bit because some guy was harassing me and they immediately sobered up and told me not to worry. Several of the guys headed to the street and threatened the guy until he drove away then they walked me home to make sure I felt safe. Turns out they were kids from another neighborhood that was considered a bad part of town and they often hung out in the woods to escape. One of the guys offered to run with me every night claiming he needed the exercise and wanted to stop smoking. We eventually dated and he became my boyfriend for nearly a decade. Though my neighbors thought it was weird I was hanging with a “bad crowd” they were perfect gentlemen and I’m still friends with them to this day though we live all over the country now.

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