What's the most wholesome thing a stranger has done for you?

there was a time when i was working as a waiter at this super busy restaurant and the other 3 staff members who were supposed to work with me all bailed at the same time. it was a super busy night for me, i was essentially running like hell through the whole restaurant trying to keep up with everything as i was a solo waiter (ofcourse i had some help from the managers, but i did 70% of the work).

naturally a few costumers had to wait extra time for her meal due to how busy it has gotten, which got them upset and they complained on my performance to my managers. i got yelled by them for "not keeping up like others would", and this very nice lady saw it from the corner and called me over, my manager stopped scolding me and told me to go help her. when i asked what she needed, she replied "i see you getting yelled at despite running all over the place for a while now, i just wanted you to rest for a few minutes, you're doing your best." and gave me a smile. i didnt have the time to idle around so i sincerely thanked her and ran off. made sure to give her VIP treatment.

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