What's the name of this piece?

So why didn't you ask, "What's the name of this connector?" instead of "The gray plastic piece". If you are going to act that way, don't be surprised if you get the type of answer you got.

It is conceivable that you quite literally didn't know what a connector is, and the way you asked the question, it certainly seemed that way.

u/1Davide was not being a dick. He answered your question as asked. But, then realizing there might be more to what you wanted to know because it was such a simple question, so suggested that you be more explicit in your question if you wanted additional information.

I wish I could tell you what kind of connector it is. If you can tell us what device it's on, maybe someone would be able to find a parts list for the device. Or maybe someone else here can tell you by looking at it. However, I would suggest you refrain from calling people "dicks" who try to help you even if they are being "arrogant/snobby/elitists" (and to be clear, that's not what happened here) it puts people off and can cause them lose all desire to help.

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