What's the nastiest thing you've ever had to clean?

I was the hostess at a restaurant that will remain unnamed and a nice older gentleman came in. He immediately asked "Where's your bathroom?" and I pointed to the very back of the restaurant. He looked concerned, told me he was going to wait for his wife to arrive to be seated then took a seat on the bench up front. I went to the kitchen and came back - he was gone but a smell remained. I didn't think much of it but the smell was atrocious! I brought a server up front and asked them, "Do you smell that?" and the poor server stepped in a lovely pile of fresh stinking shit right in the middle of the lobby that oddly blended in with the color of the floor. After finally noticing there was indeed shit on the floor we found about a dozen piles of it topped with undigested beans throughout the lobby, some smeared on the side of the bench, then outside in a trail leading to where I presume the old man's car was parked.

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