What's the nicest thing a complete stranger has ever done for you?

As always I am very late to this but here it goes. My single mother was extremely broke at this point in life but tried her best to hide this from me and my sister. She would give us lunch money and I would try to spend as little as possible every day to pay for both my food and the bus pass with it. I am talkin about being able to get a Greggs pastry for 80p and then the bus ride back home with like £1.20 or whatever it was at the time, every single day.

On that particular day I was extremely hungry so by some stupid decision I bought an extra something -- an iced finger, which I think was 30p at the time? I thought I had enough for the bus and I was thinking id bring food from home the next day but nope! No money on me for the bus. I lived more than 1hr bus ride away so there I am, waiting for the bus while thinking I should perhaps walk the whole thing when one guy gets off the bus from the other side, crosses the road, and hands me his full day ticket for me to use for the rest of the day! I tried so hard to hold back my tears and thanked him a lot. People around me all smiled at him and me, and the gentleman left the bus stop.

Not 10 mins later, a lady got off another bus and handed me her ticket of the same kind also! People around me was surprised, I was shocked! I explained that I had one but the lady was in a hurry so handed me the ticket.

I looked for a person that might need the second ticket, and looked again once I got off at my own stop (though it was the final stop and noone was there).

Those people did a small kindness but they have no idea how much they've helped me. When I got home I actually broke into tears. I hope those people are well, and I wish I could've given them hugs right now.

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