What's the nicest thing you've done for someone?

P sure I've only ever told one person this. Ran into a SUPER blackout girl on the way to a popular bar my freshman year of college, she was with a random guy but was saying she didn't wanna go back with him, didn't know him, etc. Tried to help her contact her friends who were already in their dorms asleep (she was visiting from another school and couldn't enter their dorms without someone to sign her in) but campus security saw her stumbling all over the place and literally collapsing (she could barely stand up on her own) and she got ambulance'd away before they could sign her in. Found out her friend had gone back to bed and was gonna pick her up in the morning, but I felt so bad thinking that she could wake up, most likely with no memory of the night in a hospital bed at any given time and there'd be nobody there to reassure her or tell her what happened. Didn't tell any of my friends but I wound up going to the hospital and staying next to her in one of those lil plastic chairs from like midnight until 8am when her friend showed up--she never woke up while I was there and I left as soon as the friend got there so she definitely has no idea who I am. Although pretty sure the hospital staff thought I was some sort of weird stalker chick because I couldn't provide any details other than just her first name and that I knew she wasn't from the area I felt more calm knowing that if she had woken up at like 4 or 5, she wouldn't have been alone bc that honestly would have scared the shit out of me.

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