What's the nicest thing you've done for someone?

Alright! Kindness time!

Around the time I got a student position in a hospital in my hometown, I was super excited to be getting my own money. So much so that when I got my first pay I went to celebrate by getting my fatass some chips and slush... I was a teen at the time don’t judge lol

Anyway. My last pay I went to celebrate again by doing what I did last time... but while I was buying there was a little girl in front of me. She was trying to buy a toy. She actually had the money, her mom and dad were waiting at the door... weird they themselves didn’t buy it. Anyway! She was short a couple a bucks and the cashier was being an ass. Just as she was about to kick her out I told the cashier to add it to the stuff I was buying. So she scanned, I got my stuff and her toy. I gave her the toy. She jumped in excitement and said “thank you!” And went running off to her parents

I didn’t say anything to them. Don’t even think they noticed what happened. I just went on my way

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