What's the proper way to layer a burger?

there are a lot of things you can put in a burger.


there are some important structural elements to keep in mind.

if at all possible, make sure you have something between your bun and anything that will moisten your bun to make it soggy. an ideal candidate for this is a nice, washed and well dried, piece of letus for both top and bottom bun.

there are several different kinds of spreads that can also be good on the bun, so those can go right on the well toasted bun. if you are using a large fluffy bun you can toast it in the oven.

inside your burger, many people like fresh tomato, this is a personal favorite of mine, make sure to season the tomato and slice it thin enough to not compromize your burger's structural integrity. pickle is also an excellent thing to go in there. bacon, a favorite to be sure. cheese should go right on the paddy while it is finishing it's cook time to make sure it melts perfectly. mustard or ketchup are also best on the paddy.

an example of an ideal build would be

  • toasted bottom bun.

  • mayo or aoli spread on the bun.

  • clean dry letus leaf folded over to fit properly.

  • crispy thiccc cut bacon.

  • paddy with 3 year old balderson cheese already melted on.

  • grain mustard and ketchup.

  • thin lengthwised sliced dill pickles.

  • thin sliced vine tomatoes.

  • clean dry letus leaf folded to fit.

  • toasted top bun with bbq sauce or sriracha or another light spread of aoli or mayo.

  • skewer to hold it all together till it gets to the table.

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