What's a random fact about your mom?

My mom passed away seven years ago. She worked at a nursing home as a CNA in the dementia unit. She loved those old folk. She'd cry when one would pass away and buy them gifts. She bought bath and body lotion to use instead of the generic stuff they home supplied.

One day she and another worker lifted this big guy up. He lifted his feet up, the other nurse let go and my mom held on. She refused to let him fall while the other nurse didn't want to get hurt herself. It slipped a few disks in her back out. That caused her immune system to weaken.

That gave a chance for an rare cancer to that was dormant in her system to rage. Three days later she goes to the hospital. While waiting to get admitted she tells my dad she knows if she leaves the hospital it'll be in a body bag.

A day later they tell us she had cancer, she has the til the end of the week to live at best. It was a kind that once it started it's double and double until it over took her body. The X-ray showed that it already almost covered her entire body and only a handful of people in the medical history had this kind. There was no cure.

The next morning she passed away. It's strange because I've been having a rough time missing my mom lately and can't bring myself to talk to anyone about it that I know...more so since it's been seven years and I'm sure everyone gets tired of me saying how I miss my mom.

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