What's the rarest thing you own?

Funny story about the Amazing Fantasy #15, there was an auction in Des Moines, IA that advertised in the paper they had "Amazing Spider Man #15 Comic" which I knew as the first appearance of "Kraven the Hunter" but the image they used on their website listed in the advertisement was actually "Amazing Spider Man #1" - confusing, right? I was buying and flipping storage units prior to that show "Storage Wars" came out, so I hit up things like this pretty often.

I figured I was just buying Amazing Spider Man #15, thinking they were somehow confused... but I thought what if I show up and it's the one in the image (Amazing Spider Man #1) - that would be an awesome find or if bidding gets crazy, I would at least get to see it. I called up the auctioneer to verify and he said "No, it says number 15 on it, and it's a Spider Man comic"

I show up and people have their phones out looking up Amazing Spider Man #15 which I believe there were copies going for about $1,000 on it. At this time, phones were hardly able to openly browse the internet, clam-shell phones were still popular. They bring out these rest of this crap from an estate sale and eventually bring out the comic book and people start bidding up to around $1000, and I put in a bid for $3000. The 30 or 40 people there went silent and were like "wtf is wrong with this guy?" Why did I bid so high?

The actual comic was Amazing Fantasy #15, which has a picture of Spider-Man on the cover of the comic, so for some reason they thought it was Amazing Spider-Man #15. Before I left about 4 people figured out what I had actually purchased and a couple shook my hand and I left with it. I didn't know what it was worth exactly so I drove to a comic book store called Mayhem Comics and brought it in. I bring it to the counter and asked if he could tell me how much it was worth because I was seeing crazy prices on my phone. He says "well, I'm pretty sure that isn't a 1st print, they made a lot of copies of these, I doubt you could get $100 for it" - he calls over another guy and he says "No way, that comic isn't as big as the golden age comics, I wouldn't pay more than $20 for that." - I felt like one of the people that bring in something they find in their attic to Pawn Stars and that bald guy is like "Yeah... these are worthless, sorry, it clearly says made in China on your 1776 Rifle."

I just kind of put it on some papers on my back seat and drove a couple hours home, upset that I just wasted $3,000 on something worthless.

2 days later (keep in mind, the comic has been sitting in the back of my unlocked car) I bring it into a guy in town and he about shits himself and offers me $10,000. I tell him the story and he doesn't believe it. Funny thing is, if those two guys at the comic book store in Des Moines knew it wasn't fake, they could have offered me $1000 for it and I probably would have took it. He calls 2 other guys who were much older and were collectors, they drove in and looked at it, confirmed it was real, and couldn't believe my story either. Now the comic resides in a really safe place.

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