What's the scariest thing that has actually happened to you?

I remember this day much more fondly than 9/11. So, here goes. I'm an only child, so as a child, I would take people in as my "siblings." There were these two brothers who lived across the street from me for years. We'll call them John and Andrew. John was my age (12) and Andrew was his older brother of about four years (17.) _____ Early in the day, I took all of my Christmas savings to get the brand new Playstation 3. When I was lugging this box in my house, Andrew came over from the across the street. He asked me for money which was strange, but I no longer had a need for my change, giving him about 17 dollars. _____ That night, I was absolutely ripping it in GTA:SA. I mean, I was fucking with the jet, blasting Free Bird on k-dst, THE DUST. After about a minute or two into the song, I hear tires screech across the pavement like thunder. "Okay, odd." I think, it was unusual for my quiet suburb to have such a driver. I peek out the window and watch Andrew part his father's side and approach this gnarly, dirty jeep. There is some conversation and as he leaves, Andrew goes to shake their hands, one by one. The passenger grabs his elbow and like lightning to the thunder, they haul ass and tires screech against the bitter cold pavement, faintly shimmering from February's night sky. Instead of dragging him along, he slips the grasp and falls, and literally smashes the back of his skull to the ground. The blaring white reverse lights illuminate a bloodied skull- one that is soon engulfed by a tire. His father runs over.. ignoring the now distant jeep. I call the cops. I didn't cry, I couldn't cry. I never told anyone about what I saw. I lied to the cops who asked me what I saw. ______ The aftermath was brutal. I was alienated by my friends. Even John. We're still not friends, when the day before, we were inseparable. That's the day I lost my brothers. I'm not sure which one hurts more to this day. _____ Sorry for the wall. I had to get this off my chest eventually. Happy Holidays!

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