What's the scariest thing you've ever witnessed on a casual day?

Two incidents come to mind, the first happened a week ago: Guy comes in during a busy work shift and starts stealing £100+ of raw and cooked meat, the lot, 2 colleagues go over to deal with him and he pulls out a knife, one of the guys ( a rugby player) wants to rip his head off his shoulders at that point but the other guy holds him back and the thief gets away. I came across that thief myself the week before when I was alone and I grabbed him and threw him out without a second thought, having a knife didn't even occur to me.

Second one was yesterday, Same store and I'm in an isle near the cooked meats, different thief comes in and starts stealing a shit ton of stuff, I immediately grab him and he threatens to stab me and puts his right hand in his pocket, Instinct kicks in and I use my body weight and right arm to push him up against the wall with and grab him by the throat with my left, he's still threatening to kill me so I start choking him with one hand whilst getting the bag back with all of the stolen stuff in with the other, one of my colleagues rounds the corner and we kick the guy out of the store.

The terrifying thing about the second is that my girlfriend is due a baby in 3 weeks time and we already have a 2 year old, they could have lost their father because of my instincts kicking in and wanting to get the stolen stuff back, I apparently valued my life at £40 of meat, that's what I truly find disgusting.

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