What's a secret that could ruin your life if it came out?

My life is already ruined so it deosnt matter i guess. but I failed this school year in senior high and I wasted my voucher.

Not so sure if the pandemic is going to save me but the reason I failed are these.

  • I almost have 0 interest in the academic that im taking, My parents told me so because they say jobs involving it have "good salary" even though i want to take other options but my parents said no so i just ride with it.

  • 0 motivation, Never go outside the house ever since i was like 10 and will do so only if there's school. I only know 1 friend and dont even know where the hell he lives since he visits me only once in a while.

  • my parents compares me to other people. I dont blame them for this, I guess they say those things so i get serious for something. Though I am the one to blame for choosing to be like this. Though I'm quite emotionally unstable.

  • I dont want help, Im afraid. Its quite an odd fear of mine and I always keep my problems and thoughts to my self.

So either I barely pass and make it and WILL force myself to do better even its kinda hard next year or my mental kinda goes boom boom.

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