What's the shadiest shit you've done for money? [NSFW]

One night on a Friday I was sitting at home when a friend (let's call him Jake) had texted me to invite me down to a new club that had opened downtown. I was messing around in skyrim at the time since the game was fairly new. Since I had no plans I decided to go. I had barely gotten any action in the last three months and I decided to try my luck. It should be fun right? I reply to his text and he sends me the address. Trying to rush and not be late I threw on the first thing I found. A tank top and some jeans. Traffic that night was packed. I headed down main street only to stop at several red lights. Some douche decided to DUI down the road and crashed into a store. I passed and made no notice of the accident. It wasn't important. The only thing that was was this club. Jake had promised a sea of poon. This club was super popular right now and he had lured me in with the promise of alcohol and women. I was bound to get laid tonight. Arriving at the club it looked packed. Jake comes out the door and brings me in. No waiting. It had been a while since I had played the club market so I first made my way to the bartender hoping for some drinks to start this night out. I spent longer than I had expected. Jake had texted me he found a hook up and was heading home. Some wing man. That's when i noticed when three fairly large guys came up to me. you've been here a while fella. Aren't you looking for any fun tonight? being as drunk as I was I replied something like the fun comes looking for me guys and I winked. Little did I know those words would prove to be true. come on we'll find you some fun and they picked me up. I found myself outside the club and in the back alley with all three of the guys pants down. They offered me $100 to blow all three of them. $100 is a lot of money to a drunk me so I accepted and guzzled cum that night like I was a thirsty child in Africa. When I was done they my pants off and took turns destroying my chocolate star. you'll get more than your hundred if you go with it when the last one had his turn with me he climaxed and said something I'll never forget. At that point all I wanted was my money. OP is a bundle of sticks and I passed out. I woke up with my pants down in the morning and $1000 dollars in my pants. What a night.

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