What's the shittiest day of work you've ever had?

I was being taken for a ride as a fresh comsci graduate, working for some really sleazy fucks in a really, really sleazy business (timeshare resale advertisement). Cheap labor, doing their IT work, no real perspective on what I should've been getting paid; there was a lot of talk about the staff being "family," all sorts of loyalty bullshit. Which by itself is really just "oh well, shit happens."

Well, for something like two weeks I got ignored and just kind of stepped on, to the point where I left my boss a voicemail telling him it needed to improve if they wanted me to keep working there.

Two days later, he and his new business partners (I wasn't aware of this) were waiting with a list of things for me to do, including documenting all passwords, handing over keys, and paying back a $1,000 bonus I'd been given weeks before. This is aside from the fact that they just kind of didn't bother to give me that week's paycheck.

One of them broke my keyboard over his knee and put out his cigarette on my clothes. Another threatened to come after me if I talked to the boss's daughter, who was something like 15 at the time. This was all out of left field; I had no idea what was going on, and they had no reason to think I'd do anything to or with her. I'm certainly not sure why they thought I needed to be threatened, skinny kid that I was.

The extortion and harassment went on for weeks, but this was the worst day I've had at work.

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