What's the sluttiest thing you have ever done?

I once got a call from my area code but she was looking for some guy I didn't know. So I did the ol "sorry lady you got the wrong number", I really have no idea how we started chatting but we found out we could each drive a half an hour and meet up to fool around. She seemed desperate and sketchy but I was just getting over a really bad relationship and was horny, depressed and 21 years old. I remember thinking I am either going to get mugged, murdered or she will be 300 lbs and I did not care at all, it was kind of exciting/horrifying.

We met at a Hilton parking lot and she was probably 30, shaped like a pear but had a pretty face. Not HOT but very pretty considering. We made out and went down on each other in her car and went our separate ways. Never heard from her again. I remember thinking I am going to get killed by this girl the entire time. She seemed nice and nothing bad happened but damn it was a bit scary.

Turned out fine but one of the worst decisions I made with my dick. To this day I'm like damn kid what were you thinking.

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