What's the sluttiest thing you have ever done?

Had sex with 2 strippers while my male co workers watched (and paid for all of it).

First, you should note I am a straight female. I'm really good friends with my male co-workers (it's more of a brother-sister) type of vibe. One night, we decided to go get drinks. Drinks turned into me wanting to go to a strip club since I've never been before. They agree so we go in there and one buys me a lap dance with this super hot girl. I didn't really know what to do (do you touch?? idk) so my co workers just got me more booze to get myself comfortable. Eventually, they decided we should all get private dances, so the two guys and myself pick girls and we went upstairs. I've never been with a girl before but I thought it was really, really hot, so we continued getting more drinks and we were all having a good time.

Eventually, my stripper asked if we wanted to go in the champagne room. We all said fuck it, so all six of us went in there. The waitress came in and my impulsiveness ordered 2 bottles of Dom for the room. Things got a little crazy and I had one stripper fingering me while another one was kissing me and the other one was touching my body. I ended up having sex with 2 of them while my co workers watched.

It was great because I ended up having a heart to heart with one of them and she told me how she LOVES when women come in because dancing on horny older men gets old sometimes and women are just more fun.

Once we were done (and a $6000 credit card charge later), I venmo'd $1000 to help pay for some of the expenses and we never spoke of that night ever again.

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