What's the smallest amount of money that would be considered "Life Changing" to you?

You always hear people say "That's life changing money" when talking about Millions of dollars or pounds etc.

I'm wondering, for people like myself in struggling circumstances, how small can that figure get where you would still consider it "Life Changing"?

Personally, I feel about £3,000. The last year I've been struggling with work and health, out of work and poor health issues that have been a struggle to get a handle on with treatment. It's been life on a razor's edge getting by for a long time now. Earlier this month, I, and my new doctors have landed on a successful medication and treatment route which has been a godsend and one big issue in my life sorted. But it's hard to feel completely optimistic when rent is this week. I think about what would change my life financially, what would put me at peace with the smallest figure, and £3,000 is where I landed, 5 months rent + food expenses, while feeling healthy again would be the lifeboat to get me to land again.

So, what is the smallest figure that would drastically change your life?

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