What's Smite's stance on account sharing?

Hi-Rez Studios Suspension/Ban Policy Information

What is Hi-Rez's policy on bans and suspensions? Answer
"For online games, community is everything. In real life, when people gather in a neighborhood bar, a loud, belligerent blowhard makes you want to leave the bar. So you expect the bouncer to throw him out. He can go to a public park for freedom of expression. On the Internet it's harder to monitor but the goal is the same - a positive community so people want to be there." - Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO

We track and manage various in-game offenses in our games to try to maintain a fun, friendly in-game community. We apply suspensions for any of the following offenses: leaving, harassment, intentional feeding, chat spam.

1st offense= 3 Day Suspension

2nd offense= 7 Day Suspension

3rd offense= 14 Day Suspension

4th offense= 30 Day Suspension

5th offense= Permanent Game Ban

Any of the following offenses results in an immediate permanent ban: hacking, fraudulent purchases, impersonating a Hi-Rez employee, account sharing, or real life threats.

Account sharing will result in a permanent ban on the account that was shared as well as a normal suspension, as described above, for the main accounts of any players that used the shared account.

Any of the following offenses will result in a suspension, which will be your only warning: abusive language that targets race, belief system, sexual orientation, specific groups of people or language that encourages/promotes suicide or real life harm. Future offenses of this type will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

Suspensions or bans may also be applied for specific violations of the EULA or Terms of Service. Visit www.hirezstudios.com/legal for specifics.


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