What's something "everybody likes", but you secretly hate?

Everything in r/all. Every fucking thread... and I MEAN EVERY FUCKING THREAD.. is just a hundreds and hundreds of pimple faced virgin losers trying to be funny by keeping a not funny joke/pun/song lyrics going. You can never actually see real discussions on the topic because the other nerd virgin losers upvote the dumbest fucking comment that gets like 900 responses and all 900 are just the same fucking joke... but they change the spelling around or flip the first letters of each word or some other shit. If you actually answer the question or give any type of real insight on the topic.... BOOM -23 downvote because you didnt conform to the nerd virgin pimple face ways. It just turns every discussion into endless cycle of lame, overused jokes. And secondly, just all the subs that make it to r/all. I am not interested in what you just ate, cooked, or pooped out. Or your woodworking project. Or your latest sketch. What floats to the top of the Reddit cesspool is just NOT INTERESTING ANYMORE. I think the election killed Reddit. It seems it is all paid trolls now, pushing some product or politics. That and lame-ass pictures of people's dogs and cats. You have a pet. I get it. I DON'T FUCKING CARE. Get that shit off the front page. Shit, if I wanted that, I'd go on facebook.

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