What's something that says "That person is playing life in hard mode"?

I have ADHD, so I have extremely poor memory, I can't focus on people talking long because my mind is trying to focus on everything else at once, I get overstimulated by too many sounds and noises because it feels like my mind is trying to listen to every single one of them, I have constant zombie brain where if I can even remember what I need to do, I can't force my brain to switch tasks and go do it, I hyperfocus on small tasks and cant pull myself from them for more important things but also lose focus in the middle of big tasks, I have insomnia and waking nightmares, auditory hallucinations from my brain constantly trying to make sense of noises, I can't keep track of time in my mind or estimate passed time, I have anxiety attacks and depression because all this makes it really hard to learn things outside of my routine and to succeed in structured classrooms or learn new job routines quickly and even makes it harder for me to learn driving at 23 and to drive without being overwhelmed.

But people hear ADHD and just think I'm lazy, and people think its overdiagnosed and just kids being hyper. They think medicating people for it is harmful and we will get hooked on crack for taking adderall.

Tl;dr: ADHD is way more then attention problems. Please be understanding and help shake the stigma against it.

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