What's something strange your body does that you know isn't quite right but also isn't quite serious enough to get checked out by a doctor?

This has been a problem for me ever since I remember it starting in about 1st grade. People have told me that my face moves a lot. I can tell what they mean but I never thought it was problem for me. It's only when I'm doing something that involves concentrating (reading a book, playing videogames, etc.) that it starts to become an annoyance for me. My mom used to get on me when my face kept "moving" at the dining table. I used to smile and frown for no reason repetitively, my eyebrows roll up and down very often, my eyes twitch, and I sometimes get the urge to make a humming sound deep in my throat. I can't start talking again untill I "fulfill" the need to make those wierd sounds in my throat. It does get annoying a lot, but my parents have told me that it's nothing and I've forced myself to think nothing is wrong.

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