What's something you wanted until you realized how stupid it was?

For anyone else reading this, don't buy into this bullshit statement. I just recently had a kid (first one) and I used to hate babies. The only difference is that now he's my responsibility. I don't have a choice because I want to be the best dad I can. But I still constantly nearly lose my shit over him because "why the hell won't you just go to sleep!" and "you just ate 8oz, why the hell are you screaming for your bottle, then push it away after one sip and cry."

It's hard, extremely hard. I tried to prepare for it mentally for over 2 yrs because this was a planned pregnancy, but it's even more draining than I ever could have imagined. Soul sucking. I'm sure I'll start enjoying it more when he gets old enough to talk. But kids and young adults with selfish family members harassing them over needing some grandkids: don't let them tell you this bullshit because it's absolute bullshit. I've never been so exhausted in my life and it's not rewarding at all at this point (3 mo old). Think REALLY FUCKING HARD before you decide. I keep going back and forth between telling myself this is the worst decision I've made in my life and I regret it, to "well, it's been a little better today, maybe it'll stop being so hard."

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