What's something that your SO does that you know about, but they don't know you know?

It was Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part one or two. I can't quite remember. It is especially sucky because we were both huge fans of the novels and films. She basically came back from the restroom and I was so engrossed in the texts they had been sending I didn't even notice until she snatched the phone from my hands and said "that was rude." She saw immediately which conversation I was going through and how far back I had gone. She probably knew right away that it was over because she knew me pretty well, well enough to know that I would never put up with an SO being dishonest. I was really quiet but polite to her the rest of the night. We got back to her apartment and she said she was going to take a shower and wanted to see if I would join. I declined and at this point I can tell she knows that something is up even though im pretty robotic and was just being quiet/polite. So the water in the shower had been running for about 5 mins or so and she has just been sitting on her bed looking at me trying to get something out of me..I don't even remember what she was saying/asking. I think she was scared as hell to leave me alone bc she thought she had already lost me... and she had. I waited for a minute to make sure she was in the shower and I just took off. Ran through the common area in the apartment, bursted through the door to the hallway, cleared the last 5 steps in the stairwell and sprinted to my car. Peeled off. Texted my roomate to prepare the bong(she didn't like when I would smoke and so I stopped, for her) and turned my phone off

It was a pretty cowardly thing to do, to leave her like that but I didn't care about her anymore. I was just doing what I felt like doing. I was so hurt by someone who I had put my complete trust in. At 20 years old she was my first. I thought I had waited for the one but its sad how selfish and disloyal people can be. We were good for each other too.

Ofc my phone was completely blown up with texts and calls all of which I ignored. Her best friend was dating my best friend at the time (how we met) and they both came to me on her behalf but I was dead set. A few days later she came to get her guinea pig from my apartment. I had been taking care of her for about a month because her dorm wouldn't allow it. I carried the huge cage down from our 3rd floor apt and she tried to talk to me. She had dressed very nice and everything too but she could tell I wasn't having any of it. I told her I didn't want to talk to her and she didn't think that was fair but she expected it and she gave me the longest and most saddening love letter she had pre-written. I remember appreciating most how well she wrote and then burning it. It was a very strong appeal but I couldn't be affected. I remember thinking that I was being cold in ignoring that as well but I consider trust to be the foundation of any relationship, romantic or otherwise, and without a cornerstone like trust there was just no room for her in my life.

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