What's the story behind your scar?

  • Cat fell off my arms and held onto my flesh with just one claw, ten years later I still have a two inch long scar. It looks pretty badass but the story is pretty boring

  • Got pushed onto the metro tracks and ripped 2 inches of skin off my shin. Would've been much worse if the metro driver hadn't seen me

  • Woke up one day with a small bump on my arm, like a mosquito bite. It turned into scar tissue that slowly grew to the size of a small coin. Dermatologist insists I'm wrong and that it's obviously a trauma scar. I just hope it's not something serious.

  • Attempted a 360 on skis and failed, one ski flew off and landed on my finger, ripped half an inch of skin off my index. Good thing I was wearing thick gloves. That story makes up for the cat story I think

  • Jumped into the back of a car head first and my elbow landed on the thing you put your seatbelt into. They're remarkably sturdy. Got a small but deep cut

  • Got a few more on my hands from rock climbing and stupid stuff like punching walls or cutting bread

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