What's a story you heard and then couldn't help but judge the person after they told you?

My boyfriend's friends girlfriend came over one day while I was doing homework so that her bf and my bf could work on a car together. This was my first time meeting her. She came inside, sat next to me as I was vigorously trying to get my work done, and pulled out an Mike's Harder from her purse. She didn't really talk to me at first because she was on the phone with her mom. After hanging up, she went a tangent about her life's business, like I was supposed to understand her. She told me that she lost her job because of COVID and can't find a new one, so she's been staying home all day every day and allowing her bf of 4 months to supply for her. She said her mom and sisters are all pissed at her because "they think I'm an alcoholic, but what do they know?" She proceeded to say she called her sister a coke head in return, even though her sister was sober, and she felt a little bad for it. She reasoned with her drinking by saying that she only drinks when she's bored and lately, she has nothing to do because she's not working or anything.

She then proceeded to tell me that she's trying to convince my bf's friend (her bf) to buy a four bedroom house, 4 hours away, for them. I asked why they needed so many rooms if it were just them. She said for children. She's only 19 and they've been dating for less than 6 months. I told my bf she was never allowed over ever again. Not a judgmental person in the slightest, but I'll avoid trouble if I can see it coming.

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