What's the strangest drunken purchase you ever made?

I am alarmingly generous when drunk so I paid some guy's rent that I met on the street because our country was going through xenophobic attacks, he was not our nationality and people were literally getting beaten up and killed. Horrible time. Anyway, this poor guy was selling these unrisen vanilla muffins out of a cooler to try to stay in the country but also have a safe place to live, and I felt so bad for him and so admired his initiative that I handed over his rent for the month and asked for 6 bags of muffins that looked like saucers. I'd never seen a black man bake before and him stepping out of a 'traditional' role and thinking out of the box was inspiring. The muffins were actually pretty good, and I didn't want to make him feel like a charity case so I had to take some muffins to even things out. Poor dude. I think about him sometimes and hope he's okay. I also advised more baking powder. LOL. I like to think that he's out there somewhere and owns one of those fancy baking shops. That would be cool.

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