What's the strangest workday you've ever had?

This was just right after my shift, but it began during my workday. Had a drunk and his lady drunk come in, both shitfaced and the man was bleeding. Upon closer inspection I found the open wound and tried to close it up, but the lady drunk wouldn’t allow me. I had security escort her out. And before she left she yelled at the man to be out in 15min or else... so he declined the MRI and said that he’d just have the staples. I stapled him up and then he left. An hour later my shift was done. When I got out of the hospital I heard something from one of the bushes. It was the man I’d stapled earlier. He had “lost” (the lady drunk had taken it off and throw in away in a rage) his prosthetic leg and was sobbing in the bushes. So I helped him look. After I’d found it he became much more serious and started apologizing for earlier. We ended up sitting outside of the hospital for almost 2h just talking. I ended up buying him McD’s and driving him home.

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