What's a thought/feeling you've had that you think NO ONE else on Earth has ever had?

For me, acid really affects man-made patterns. Concrete, stucco, carpet, etc. Unfortunately I'm not certain I've ever really had true lsd and not some designer offshoot but it's always the city that's alive on acid for me. Very mathy is right i think.

Mushrooms however seem to make me warm and fuzzy and make the sky and grass and trees the things to look at. I won't take mushrooms if i have to stay in doors. The last time i did, i was in my third floor apartment and the aloe plant on the porch was just ALIVE and everything else was normal boring apartment aside from some color bleed. Thinking about it now, i should have tried to watch a nature documentary or something to see if it would come through the tv. Mushrooms have had the biggest impact on both my perception and my life when it comes to hallucinogens.

Both of those however could entirely be my own bias.

Ive only ever tried salvia once and it didn't do anything. I was still a teenager and probably screwed up the hit.

I've only ever had one tiny hit of dmt and it was amazing, immediate fractal patterns and colors. I would absolutely love to try it again but ive never had a source and don't live alone where i could attempt to extract it myself.

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