what's up with people in this sub (and IRL) hating on LGBTQ muslims (and other religious LGBTQ people)?

For multiple reasons - No gender equality thinks only 2 woman is trustworthy enough compared to 1 man which still needs to be confirmed by another man approving those said womans - Thinking that people need to distance themselves from opposite gender this is disgustingly dehumanizing and simplifying people to their reproductive purposes more than being a human - Thinking people need to hide themselves behind clothes or else other gender might end up raping you and it will be your fault because you didnt dress properly - Encouriging bad behaviour against non and other religions believers - Believing after life is the worst mistake someone could ever do in their lives (thinking you will pay for what you did anyways is what gives people courage to be this hurtful)

I am not going too over how bad and ridiculous islam is these should be more than enough also believing in a religion and grouping under its name is a problem in itself it divides people under their religions it is overall just bad

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