What's the weirdest place that you've ever found a spider?

On my butt.

Context: i was having a shower (As you do) everything was going well until i felt this weird tingly feeling on my ass, and i thought it two could be 1. Prostate Cancer 2. A bug. So i pray it was the second one and swipe my butt and instead of this spider flying off the dark side of the moon, it instead crawls onto my hand. I drop everything shake my hand violently and run outside my bathroom (I'm only 16 so i live with my parents) and i start commando rolling outside of my bathroom... why i did this, i still don't know to this day. The best part about it all was my Mum comes upstairs to see what's all the noise is about and to her surprise she sees her prepubescent son naked commando rolling around the floor...

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