what's the weirdest thing you have caught your friend doing while at their house or while they were at yours?

Not even joking, I swear to god I was staying at my mates house and we were all watching a horror movie in his room. And near the end my mate Joe looks at me and whispers " omg look wtf Darren is doing". I looked and thought what the fuck is this cunt doing squatting over the side of his bed, I look under the bed to see he's shitting in a sock. So I shout " wtf Darren you dirty fucker" and he tryes denying it saying its a joke and to smell it. I told him to fuck right off so guess what he did he fucking put it under his pillow and bare in mind this is a soaking shit and starts laying on it. The funny thing is about a week later I realised why he was always wearing odd socks. He must have been doing it for years.

Ps, I phoned my mum and got the fuck outta there.

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