What's the weirdest thing you ever accidentally bought online while drunk or half asleep?

My girlfriend hates this story because she knows how much money I spent on this which I understand but I still think it’s the greatest thing I ever did.

When I got really drunk and I mean to the point I barely remember anything that happened that day as I started drinking around 9am for my mates birthday, I ended up purchasing a life size cardboard cutout of myself for £200.

That doesn’t seem like a lot of money but when you think about it that’s £200 on a cardboard version of me… at this point I’ve started fucking with my girlfriend as I tend to place this in places she won’t expect like when she got in my car waiting for me to come down and my cardboard cutout was in the backseat so when she used the rear view mirror for her makeup she’d see a version of me in the backseat.

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