What's the weirdest thing you experienced, that you cannot rationally explain? [serious]

About 10 years ago my ex-wife and I rented a cheap room in a ran down house. It was horrid, like one roomie would get drunk and take it out on his ground beef while cooking, so we would find random bits of rotting beef stuck to the walls some days. Anywho, 3 rooms single bath and we made it a few months before she started asking about feeling Watched in the shower. I felt it too but am an Army war vet so figured it was my head stuff. So me being already fuck this went full on taking a hammer to the walls and checking for cameras/holes, then offering a computer fix up on strange roomies computer finding nothing. We stayed another few months talking about it, decided the place was "haunted" like in quotes just like that but agreed on a blonde guy for reasons we honestly didnt understand. About 2 months before we moved we talked it up with our landladies daughter and it was all blah blah until we mentioned our description and a male. Turns out he was kinda well known, even my little brother knew the guy small area Portland Oregon suburb style. He was 2 roomies before us apparently and overdosed on Heroine in our room. Took about 3 minutes to find the info online, we for sure checked asap. Not saying I saw a ghost, just saying we knew some things is all. Twas odd to say the least

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