What's the weirdest thing humans do?

No problem! I get really aggressive because I don't understand how meat eater (omnivores) think, just like they don't understand how a vegan thinks. I see a cow, chicken and pig the same way omnivores see a dog and cat. As a cute cuddly pet that deserves to live a long, healthy, happy life. A lot of omnivores aren't willing to listen to what a vegan has to say because they're brought up on commercials and signs saying got milk? Eat chicken for protein! Or look at all that bacon, yum! They think that they are correct because someone else is telling them how to think and that it doesn't matte because these animals are breed for their meat. I've gotten a lot of people, especially my parents, say "well I like how it tastes so I don't care." This. kills. me. I like how it tastes too. I loved eggs, I loved cheese (I actually didn't eat much meat and no milk). I'm not a vegan because I don't like how it tastes, I'm a vegan because I choose to put the lives of others before mine. I now see meat as someone's dead body, their flesh. I see eggs as a chickens period and get disgusted that I use to eat them. A lot of vegans don't take the right approach to sharing their information either. And I'm definitely guilty of it. What I've found is effective is compare what I use to eat as an omnivore to what I eat now and why I eat it. This makes it seem less aggressive and a lot more personable. The person is also not taken back and sitting there like "wooow this is too much, so much that I stopped paying attention and don't care anymore." The person you're talking to also has to be really open minded and understanding otherwise they'll just come back with rude comments and make the angry vegan come out. But really for me it's not being able to understand how omnivores think about meat and animals, how they don't see them as living and they see them as food. That's what really frustrates me, mostly because I'll get the questions like "yeah but we canine teeth to eat meat with" yes we do but not for meat, they're so we can bite into hard food like an apple. People will just go on with questions trying to defend themselves and what they're doing when usually the reality is, they don't want to understand and accept that what they're doing is killing innocent lives and harming their bodies. I love explaining things to people (although I'm really bad at doing so and tend to ramble) but sometimes I wonder why they think being a vegan, not eating dead animals is a bad thing? I still haven't gotten a response to that question and I doubt I ever will. A lot of vegans try to force people to become vegan and when they don't want to they get pisses off and destroy the other person for eating meat and not caring about animals when they just don't know and too many facts were thrown at them for them to really understand.

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