What's the weirdest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

So I moved to the US about last fall. It's been a year and I'm pursuing a graduate degree at a university here. To give you an idea, I'm one of those quiet, awkward, Indian kids you come across at US universities who hardly interacts with anyone, if at all and just keep to myself most of the time. But I have a stupid habit of wanting to help people when I can make out they need help. Like, it just hurts to walk past someone who is clearly struggling with something and so I offer - This is not always reacted with appreciation, most of the times people are so averse to seeing me open my mouth they actually ask me to repeat myself and the fun of offering my assistance is eventually lost. :(

Anywho, one day, I was standing outside a building on campus talking with another Indian friend when from the corner of my eye I noticed this janitor looking dude pushing something that looked like a vaccuum cleaner on a trolley heading toward the entrance of the building. I stopped my conversation half way and asked if he needed help opening the door as it seemed like he would have his hands full what pushing that trolley and having to open the door. It wouldn't hurt just holding the door open for him. The dude smiled and said thanks and he was OK. He managed to get through and walked into the building. After about five minutes, he came back out of the building up to me and my friend and just said, "Most people would normally judge a book by its cover. But you didn't. And I appreciate that". And he left.

It was weird. I kinda felt bad for him. He probably never gets acknowledged for all the work he does and I probably made him feel a little validated that day.

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