What's the weirdest thing you've witnessed in a public washroom?

This was a candid video a former security guard showed me from somewhere he worked. It was on his phone and the quality was really low like it was CCTV.

Some skinny bald black dude was bring ridden by a big sheboon on a toilet in one of the bathrooms. It was a bit choppy, but you could clearly tell what was happening. ] What makes it a weird, crazy, funny, Etc is that the dude was wearing something. I don't know what it was but it looks like a wizard robe from Harry Potter. And since he was bald and the quality was so low, he looks like a black Voldemort. Then partway through he lets out this scream of...I dunno. Maybe it was pleasure. Maybe it was death by snoo snoo. Whatever it was, the recording equipment that captured it couldn't properly capture the sound, so it was this monotones high-pitched screech.

The only reason it wasn't traumatizing is because it was so goddamn funny.

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