What's the wildest thing you've done?

Found a newborn in the park, had to call child services.

Okay now I’ll explain. Abt 4 yrs ago In California I (f19 at the time) was with a friend my age who felt we should stop at a park on the way home for lunch (I’m not American but was staying there for a bit). It was mid summer, and really hot so I didn’t want to go. However, My friend insisted because she had a strong feeling that we should stop... so we went. At the park we met a homeless women, chatted with her for a bit, she asked if I wanted to see her dog. (Ya sketchy but so was my life). I said sure, so we went to the edge of the park where we found this dog practically dead with bugs in its eyes (really sad), next to it there was a baby carriage that had a bunch of blankets piled on top.. at first I assumed it was the lady’s “homeless cart” but as I looked at it I felt really uneasy, so I asked her if there was a baby inside (there was so much stuff on it I didn’t think there would be) but the lady said “ya it’s my friends!” Those words were terrifying. I asked to see the baby and my friend an I where shocked when there was a little newborn sweltering underneath everything. We asked about the Mum, and the lady said she left for drugs a and wouldn’t be back for a few days.. my mind was racing. We said goodbye pretty fast after that and called the police/child services to come... it was so scary, I was terrified for that baby. But honestly if my friend didn’t get the feeling to stop the baby would have probably died of heatstroke. So people can tell me whatever but I know God exists because he was aware enough of that baby to give my friend the feeling to stop in the park.

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